Project Details

ServErie School Initiative: The Erie High School Project (formally Central Tech High School)

July 20-23 | 3325 Cherry St



We would still love to have you join us! There is no need to contact us as we will continue to register volunteers as walk-ins each day. When you arrive, please come to the table marked “Walk-In’s”.


Parking Info: Parking will NOT be available at the school, but is available at the following locations:

  • Parking lot behind Tops Markets (Th, Fri, Sat and Sun)
  • JMC Ice Arena (Th and Fri)
  • Peach Street Medical Building (Sat and Sun)

As Erie’s Public Schools is moving toward a consolidation, additional students are expected to attend Erie High School in the fall of 2017. This revitalization project is timely and important!

We need YOU to join us.

Over four days in July, volunteers will be completing projects such as:

  • Painting classrooms
  • Fixing and updating bathrooms (adding stall doors)
  • Repairing external doors
  • Repairing ceiling tiles
  • Landscaping
  • Cleaning
  • Special projects, such as sprucing up the teachers lounge

Each day volunteers can choose between three shifts: 9am-1pm, 2-6pm or all day.

Walk-in registration will open 30 minutes prior to the start of each shift in the front of Erie High School. Visit for more information. You can donate here.
*Please note: Volunteers must be at least 14 years old to serve on this project.

ServErie School Initiative: Pre-Work

July 1 and 2 , July 8 and 9, July 15 and 16

In order to be ready for the The Erie High School Project on July 20-23, there is some pre-work that needs to be accomplished. In the three weekends leading up to the event, we’ll be conducting a large moving project. We need volunteers to help.


Moving boxes from one school to another. Volunteers will take boxes from a school and load into trucks. The boxes need unloaded and moved into Erie High School.

There are 2 shifts available each day: 8-11am and 12-3pm.

Please sign up here.


ServErie Help Our Schools: The Lincoln School Project

July 15-17 | 831 East 31st Street

The project was a huge success! Thank you to all who volunteered. See below for some incredible statistics!

If you would like to sponsor the next project, feel free to contact us. Thank you!