Summer of Hope

What is Summer of Hope? It is an initiative where the City has partnered with a number of community organizations working within Eastside neighborhoods on projects that will help the community. Projects include development of a neighborhood strategic plan, multiple community events and a Small Business Summit.

When will it start? Projects begin in July and will conclude by September of 2018.

What area is included in the initiative? The City encourages all neighborhoods to use the Summer of Hope campaign as a way to promote the good work happening in our community. However, specific planning work will be dedicated to the neighborhoods defined as East Bayfront Planning Area (see map).

Which partners are involved in the effort? Summer of Hope Team members include the City, Erie Redevelopment Authority, Erie Neighborhood Growth Partnership, ServErie, BEST, Eastside Eagles, and SNOOPS .

Where can I find out more information? Updated information will be provided on the City’s website, social media platforms and through email and website communications with BEST, ServErie, Eastside Eagles Neighborhood Watch, and SNOOPS Neighborhood Watch.

Residents, businesses and property owners within the East Bayfront Neighborhood Planning area may participate in the survey using the following link:

Schedule of Events for Summer of Hope

East Bayfront Neighborhood Strategic Plan Kickoff
Door to Door and online urvey of residents
Food Pantry Tours
Focus Group Discussions

ServErie School Initiative—Pfieffer-Burleigh and Booker T Washington (2nd –4th)
National Night Out—Community wide events (7th)
Convoy of Hope – Pfieffer-Burleigh (18th)
Michael Making Lives Better– Back to School Haircut—Pfeiffer-Burleigh (25th)

Small Business Summit (TBD)