Who Are We?

ServErie unifies, mobilizes, and helps our city flourish in unity. We mobilize thousands of diverse volunteers each year from the government, academic, business, faith, residential and nonprofit communities to serve, resource, and transform the people of Greater Erie and Center City. Through one act of service at a time, we collectively work to positively impact the material, spiritual, social, and knowledge poverty and be the catalyst for health and vibrancy in our community.


  1. Needed transportation – we had buses from one location to transport people. 
  2. Who to serve – we developed a list of service organizations who needed help
  3.  We remember and recognize that there are thousands of people that want to help and don’t know what to do.


  1. Needed tools – we developed a tool bank. No more saying, “I don’t have any tools.”
  2. How to serve – we developed a team of site leaders to help with the logistics.


  1. Many organizations have spent years perfecting their expertise. We exist to help take organizations to another level, not to re-design what they have already started.

iT IS ALL ABOUT relationships

  1. Build relationships through serving. Often times service projects offer an opportunity to meet someone new – we encourage our volunteers to prioritize each other. It’s not just about the project.
  2. Step out of isolation and build relationships with each other; problems get smaller because of that relationship forms a sense of togetherness.