Church Kit

The goal of the Church Kit is to provide consistent information and communication about our events and projects throughout all of the churches involved in our collective.


The Church Kit is sent out about 6 weeks before any of our service projects. If your church would like to be sent the Kit email with the subject line “Church Kit”.


An informational letter and welcome from our Executive Director, Marcus Atkinson




3 Slides to use about our ServErie Saturdays.

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Helping our community, help itself.

ServErie restores communities by connecting people in need to resources

We started with 1 agency and 1 church and have since grown to serve over 60 agencies with a growing network of 70 churches, thousands of residents/businesses/schools. A true community!

What do volunteers do?

ServErie asked agencies what their greatest need was money and fundraising efforts or if a volunteer force to help them complete their “to-do” list. Unanimously, the answer we got was “volunteers.”

Volunteers have the opportunity to paint, landscape, build ramps, organize, clean, bind shoes, fix bikes, whatever the agency needs.

If your church would like to get involved with ServErie: 

We would love to help figure out where you can serve best.