ServErie Summer Project 


Helping our community, help itself.

ServErie gathers and coordinates the efforts of thousands of volunteers from across the Erie area to address a systemic need.

Every year, we welcome all to participate in a large-lift project designed to address a different defined goal.

ServErie will supervise hundreds of volunteers in a large-scale neighborhood clean-up complete with street-scaping, painting, pocket park installation, and alleyway maintenance. Following the ‘Playbook’ of the Life Remodeled organization in Detroit, ServErie will organize volunteers and leaders by assigning each a half block. Total, there are 12 half blocks.




Why the ServErie Summer Project? 

ServErie exists to respond to a need. Our mission is to restore communities by connecting people in need to resources and every summer ServErie will use the three-day project to respond to a need in a big way. 

ServErie just ended a 4-year commitment with Erie’s Public Schools and stepped up in a time of crisis. For the next 5 years, we are committing those same resources and volunteers to an area called the Heritage District, from 6th to 12th and Holland to Wayne.

The Heritage District hosts a diverse population with many nonprofits and businesses, along with blighted and aging housing stock. We will begin with six blocks, from 7th and 8th Street from Parade to Reed.

Ultimately the Summer Project aims to create new relationships and positive, lasting impacts that will continue to serve the community. The location of the Summer Project is data-driven by community canvassing, discussion with partnering agencies, and adherence to ServErie’s mission. 

Registration begins in May

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When is the Summer Project?


July 16 – 18, 2020