ServErie School Initiative 

Need: As a result of a debt crisis and major restructuring of the school system, Erie’s Public Schools had a pressing need to renovate many of the schools within the district to improve teachers’ and students’ learning environment.

Resource: ServErie has high capacity volunteer leadership for fundraising and leadership, tools, and volunteer force.


What is the School Initiative?

The ServErie School Initiative is a four-year long initiative where we partner with Erie’s Public Schools offer our volunteer force, skilled labor, tool bank and focus our efforts to renovate the school of greatest need.


How is the school chosen?

ServErie committed to four years of partnering with Erie’s Public Schools and choosing one school to renovate per year. The decision is made mutually between ServErie leadership and Erie’s Public Schools as to what school is chosen per year.


Who do they serve?

Teachers, staff, students, and the district.


What do volunteers do?

Volunteers come with a variety of skills. Some have skills to landscape, pour concrete, lead a group or work with wood – others have big hearts and are willing participate wherever possible. The School Initiative provides an opportunity for all shapes and sizes that fit the skill level of the volunteer. There is cleaning, painting, leading, organizing, construction, managing tools, managing food, adminstration, registration, and more!


How can volunteers get involved?

Register online – OR – ask if you could be a Project Manager

What does a ServErie School Initiative look Like?

Usually lasts three days, from Thursday – Saturday


Two Shifts

Each day is divided into two shifts, and depending on funding, lunch will be provided or options for lunch are nearby.



Kick-off is at 8 AM in the morning and goes until 12 PM; Second shift is 1 PM – 5 PM. Arrive 15 minutes before your shift.


Arrive at the school

Go to the registration desk, sign-in, and get a t-shirt. Registration will tell you where you are assigned. 


Site Leader & Volunteer

If you’re the site leader, get your sign and wait for the kick-off. If you’re a volunteer, look for your site leader and the group you’re assigned to. Gather together, say hi to your site leader in the green t-shirt and to your group members. 


Shift start

Each shift starts right at 8 AM (or 12 PM), someone will say a few words. Then about 15 minutes later, you will be dismissed to your work site.


Get to work

Once you’re dismissed, then it’s time to get to work! Your site leader will tell you what you need to know to serve that day. It’s ok to take a break when you need one while you’re working.


Your shift is over!

Once your shift is over, you’re welcome to head home unless you signed up for more than one shift.