ServErie Saturdays 


Helping our community, help itself.

ServErie restores communities by connecting people in need to resources

We started with 1 agency and 1 church and have since grown to serve over 60 agencies with a growing network of 70 churches, thousands of residents/businesses/schools. A true community.

What do volunteers do? At one point, ServErie asked agencies what their greatest need was money and fundraising efforts or if a volunteer force to help them complete their “to-do” list. Unanimously, the answer we got was “volunteers.”

Volunteers paint, landscape, build ramps, organize, clean, bind shoes, fix bikes, whatever the agency needs.


What does a ServErie Saturday look like?

Everyone wants to have a chance to make a difference in their community, the problem is most people do not have any idea where to start. 

sample day schedule


Learn about how we are serving East and West Erie County this October.


Learn about how we are serving Central Erie County this November.

When is the next ServErie Saturday?


MARCH 28, 2020