Tool Bank 


Many are willing to kick-off projects, but tools are expensive.

ServErie has the equipment, and you are welcome to use it.

A reservoir of tools – rakes to lawn mowers to saws – that businesses or organizations can borrow for their project. ServErie seeks to empower others to host their own ServErie Projects!

Many organizations have spent years perfecting their expertise. We exist to help take organizations to another level, not to re-design what they have already started.




What does using the Tool Bank look like?

We have both a SERVERIE Truck and Trailer that are used for projects across Erie County. If we get a call, a volunteer takes an inventory of tools needed, gathers a team, and drops the tools off to the appropriate location.

Tool Bank Request

 Who can use the Tool Bank? 

Any business or organization that has a project, but not the budget for tools.





How can I get involved?

Volunteers can become a part of the Tool Bank team. ServErie needs volunteers that are knowledgeable of tools with an aptitude for project planning and skilled at developing a project scope. We also need volunteers that are willing to pick-up, organize, and drop-off tools to and from our project sites.

When is the next project?