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We don’t help communities – We help communities help themselves.


Thousands of our volunteers serve across Erie County in over 60 agencies for our ServErie Saturdays, in 4 Schools, and in our community from 6th to 12th Street and Holland to Wayne Street.


ServErie is here to make the connection between people in need with agencies or individuals who provide that resource.


We equip people from all walks of life with leadership skills, groups with tools to complete projects in their communities, and residents in need with resources.


As we serve, connect, and equip people of our city, our community renews from the bottom up. Our main area of focus is 6th to 12th Street and Holland to Wayne Street, we call this area our “footprint.”








Our History

At ServErie we believe that the challenges of our community will not be solved by just doing projects, but through building relationships. We mobilize and equip volunteers from all walks of life and connect them to the pressing needs of our community. 

We started with ServErie Saturdays with 1 agency and 1 church and have since grown to serve over 60 agencies with a growing network of 70 churches, thousands of residents/businesses/schools. A true community.

365 days a year, we serve East 6th to East 12th and Holland Street to Wayne Street, an area we now refer to as ‘the footprint’. We partner with all the organizations within and surrounding the footprint to connect those residents to the resources they need or would otherwise not have access to.


An identified resource for every need. 


ServErie restores communities by connecting people in need to resources. 

Our Core Values

  • Be the hands and feet of Jesus within our community.
  • Personify Christ-like character throughout all interactions. 
  • Champion diverse thoughts, people, influence. 
  • Treat all people fairly and equitably with love, care, respect, and dignity.
  • Prioritize relationships over projects.

Our People

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Our stories

We prioritize relationships over projects any day. That’s why we record people’s stories and post them here.

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