School Initiative 


Helping our community help itself.

ServErie restores communities by connecting people in need to resources

Historically, the ServErie Summer Project was initiated in response to a need within the City of Erie. The city public school system was in a severe debt crisis and struggling to meet daily and long-term operational needs. Many of the ongoing and costly building maintenance requirements had to be postponed due to these budgetary constraints.

From 2016 through 2019, ServErie and Erie Public Schools identified four public schools within the city as those most in need of assistance. ServErie actively coordinated with local volunteer groups that had the necessary skills and the financial resources to meet the challenge.

Each school project lasted three days with two shifts each day. After the three days each school was successfully renovated through projects such as painting, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, and landscaping.

 The School Initiative provided everyone an opportunity of all shapes and sizes that fit the skill level of the volunteer. 




What did a School Initiative look like?



Joanna Connell Elementary School



Pfeiffer Burleigh

Elementary School