Please support us on Erie Gives Day!

Erie Gives Day is Tuesday, August 11, 2020 from 8 am to 8 pm.  On this day, the Erie Community Foundation will give us an extra percentage of your donation to help us keep connecting people in need to resources. Please remember us this August 11th!

THANK YOU, Marcus Atkinson, for four great years of service as ServErie’s Executive Director!

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  Serve. Connect. Equip. Renew.


Helping the community, help itself.

At ServErie we believe that the challenges of our community will not be solved by just doing projects, but through building relationships. We mobilize and equip volunteers from all walks of life and connect them to the pressing needs of our community. 

365 days a year, we serve East 6th to East 12th and Holland Street to Wayne Street, an area we now refer to as ‘the footprint’. We partner with all the organizations within and surrounding the footprint to connect those residents to the resources they need or would otherwise not have access to.


An identified resource for every need.